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Sustainable Energy

About Us


We are a group of passionate humans looking to bring awareness to all things environment and climate through meaningful discussion and education.

Have you ever been at a party or out with friends having a good time, and a totally banal conversation has somehow moved into discussing climate change? Suddenly, two drinks in, with music blaring, instead of catching up or greeting mutual friends, you’re lamenting over the most recent extinct species or how quickly the sea level is rising and how we're all going to die, and it's the ultimate buzz kill? Because we definitely have been at that party, and might have even (probably) been the friend to start the conversation in the first place (sorry everyone!)

Talking about climate change and the environment is incredibly overwhelming, even to those of us who study it or work with it every day. Not only is there just so much content under the umbrella of the “environmental world”, but it ultimately cuts down to something no one likes to discuss; our inevitable, and self-inflicted demise. However, often in life, daunting ideas become slightly less scary when you have a thorough understanding on the topic and a community to share it with. Sharing this knowledge while creating the space for climate discussion is what we at ClimateRoots are all about.

Mission Statement

At Climate Roots, our mission is to make factual, science based environment and climate content as accessible as possible for individuals from all walks of life. By remaining conscious of the acute intersectionality that accompanies environmental issues, our community allows young adults to share their stories, educate themselves and stay connected with the broader environmental community.

Drinking Glacier Water.JPG

ClimateRoots was born out of two college friend’s passion for the environment and their desire to remain a part of the environmental community during the COVID-19 pandemic. After graduation from Macalester College, Nick and Gabbi felt separated from the environmental community they had long been a part of while in college, whether in Minnesota, Copenhagen or anywhere in between. With little industry experience and a daunting job search ahead, Gabbi knew that she wanted to create a platform for young environmentalists to share their voices and thoughts, bolster their resumes and learn, all at the same time. It wasn’t until after consulting with friends, family and anybody who would listen did ClimateRoots really start to take shape. Ryan was the first addition to the team, and as somebody who is passionate about the environment but didn’t know how to start getting involved, he embodies our goals perfectly. We pride ourselves on staying true to our roots and hope that we can be an online community that brings people just like us together to celebrate, learn and share all we can about climate and the environment.

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