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Meet The Team

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Nick Moore

Nick is a 2020 graduate from Macalester College in St. Paul, MN where he majored in Physics and Environmental Studies. Passionate about all things outdoors, he has found the cross roads of these two academic interests in the Renewable Energy industry. Undergraduate research in Environmental Engineering and Grid Modelling solidified his career path. Nick is a published author for his work on combining renewable energy solutions with battery storage and spent time working for a community solar company in Minneapolis, MN. He currently works as a commercial project manager for a local solar company in North Andover, MA. For ClimateRoots, Nick is involved with all things content whether it's writing, editing or simply making sure everything goes smoothly. During his free time, Nick is an avid soccer player and runner and enjoys pretty much anything that gets him outside.

Gabbi Rutherford

Gabbi has been in involved in environmental work since she was a senior in highschool, and since graduating from Macalester College, has been working as a development officer for various environmental non-profits. As a co founder of ClimateRoots, Gabbi is primarily responsible for the education piece of Climate Roots as adult environmental education has become a passion for her in recent years. Outside of ClimateRoots, Gabbi enjoys sewing, reading and ballet! Connect via ClimateRoots socials.

Ryan Scerbo

Ryan is a 2020 graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA. At MIT he studied Aerospace Engineering and Autonomous Systems, and spent much of his undergrad time researching the use of autonomous vehicles to tackle modern challenges. Growing up in New Hampshire, Ryan has developed a passion for exploring and preserving outdoor spaces while enjoying himself along the way. Currently living in the Seattle area, he is enjoying everything the PNW has to offer.  Ryan joined ClimateRoots as a lifelong fan of the outdoors helping to bring the project to light, working on the website and tech, as well as learning a thing or two from Nick and Gabbi along the way.

Colby Lawless

Colby is a New England native residing in Boston, Massachusetts. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a major in Environmental Conservation and Sustainability with a focus in Renewable Energy. She is currently a Marketing Associate and Recruiter for a local solar company and works on social media for ClimateRoots. Outside of her career goals of mitigating climate change and working toward environmental justice, Colby loves yoga, painting, writing, being outside, and petting every dog she meets on the street.

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