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Newsletter Roundup!

Missed our last issue? Want to start from the beginning? No worries! Check out all of our Newsletters here, and be sure to read our full length articles in the Blog!

Carbon pollution feels left out, suffers 3x inflation

Happy Friday everyone!  And happy Autumn as well! In this month's edition, we are kicking it off in search of new featured writers to share their stories with us - who knows, maybe we'll be talking about you in this intro next month! Next up, we have our monthly headlines, including some climate tipping points and a look at the actual cost of carbon pollution. Last up, we start off the 21st century of climate policy in our education section. Enjoy the read!

10 Inches? That's not too bad, right?

Happy Friday everyone!  In today's edition, we are going to be covering the Biden administration's newest piece of legislation, the Inflation Reduction Act - be sure to click the link to our blog to read the full piece, including how it will directly affect you. Next up we have our headlines from this past month, including a 10-inch nightmare in Greenland as well as a nightmare for your sleep habits. Last but certainly not least we have our education section where we will be rounding out the 20th century of environmental policy! Enjoy the read!

C-u Later Copper Production!

Happy August everyone!  In today's edition of ClimateRoots, we have a very cool insight into a certain European country's approach to recycling.  Next up we have our monthly headlines, including some staggering numbers about Greenland's ice sheets and some positive news from the US Senate! Lastly, we another amazing environmental policy education piece as we quickly approach the end of the 20th century. Enjoy!

Supreme Court Steals EPA’s Lunch Money (and Power)

Happy Friday everyone!  In this edition of Climate Roots, we are super excited to bring you an exclusive interview with a sustainable fashion brand - definitely give it a listen for an inside look at the fashion industry and how we should be rethinking our clothing. Next up we have our monthly headlines, including a pretty cool electric plane company out of Vermont, and yet another terrible milestone we wish we didn't have to report on.  Rounding up this edition, we will be taking a momentary break from our environmental policy series to catch you up to speed on one of SCOTUS' most recent decisions on the EPA.  Thanks for reading!

Local Climate Newsletter Successfully Delivers Bad News for a Year

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to our very special 1 year anniversary edition!  What an amazing year it has been creating content and growing this community to hundreds of subscribers!  In today's newsletter, we'll first hear from our featured writer as they share some insight and thought about their upcoming project Emergence of Heart.  Next, we'll take you through our monthly headlines - try to stay awake for these!  Lastly we'll take you through the next era in our environmental policy series!  Enjoy the read, and thank you for an amazing year!

Logging Companies Determined to be Ready for Next World Cup

Happy Friday everyone! In today's episode of ClimateRoots, you'll get to hear from our featured writer Hugh as he shares some thoughts from his time in Madagascar.  Next up we have our headlines of the month, including more broken records and a terrifying stat on deforestation.  Lastly we'll bring you through the next era of environmental policy, the early 80s, a.k.a the beginning of the Environmental Justice movement. Enjoy the read, and be sure to check out the full version of everything on our blog!

The Earth called, one day isn’t enough!

Happy Friday everyone!  Today we have a very special edition of ClimateRoots as we celebrate Earth Day!  In this issue, we'll start off with showcasing the winner of our Instagram photo contest.  Next up we're sharing with you our list of Sustainability Swaps; we have everything from reusable paper towels to Meatless Mondays - be sure to check out our blog for the full list! We'll round out this issue with the history of Earth Day! Enjoy the read, and don't be afraid to hug a tree today!

Breaking News: Climate Change a Hoax!!

April Fools!! Happy Friday everyone! In this month's issue, we'll hear from a long time friend of the newsletter, Max Kent, as he gives us an overview of the Green Jobs market.  Next up, we'll take you through some headlines from this past month; you're definitely going to want to click the link to our blog to read all of them. Last, but certainly not least, we'll take you through the next period in environmental policy that was shaped by some crazy environmental disasters.  Enjoy!

USPS forgot to read ClimateRoots, accidentally purchased gas-powered delivery fleet

Happy Friday everyone! This month we are excited to start off our newsletter by introducing our featured writer and newest team member, Colby! Next up we have our monthly headlines, including underground fires, a damning IPCC report, and an interesting decision from the USPS . We'll round up this issue with our education piece, where we'll take you through Environmental Policy in the early 70s!

Crypto, Fire, and Policy, oh my!

Happy 2022 everyone!  I know what you're thinking, today's not Friday, why is there an awesome new edition of ClimateRoots in my inbox?  We have decided to switch to a monthly newsletter this year!  We are hoping this means higher quality content, delivered right to your inbox every month.


In our first edition of the new year,  you will be hearing from our Featured Writer on what exactly crypto mining is, and why we should be paying more attention to it.  Next we have our monthly headlines, including a winter wildfire in Colorado, and a look into how expensive climate disasters actually are.  Lastly we have our education section, and we are starting off this year with a brand new topic.

Thinking of purchasing beachfront property? Read ClimateRoots first!

Happy Friday everyone! This week we are asking you again (and for the last time) to provide us with your feedback as we wrap up our education series on renewable energy. Please take a second to fill out our survey if you haven't already - we would love to cover what you all are most interested in! Our headlines this week range from wacky weather to emissions goals to melting glaciers, so pretty much the usual here at ClimateRoots. Last, we are wrapping up our renewable energy education series with a final piece on nuclear energy and what makes it so divisive. This will also be our last newsletter until next year, so we wanted to wish you a happy holiday season from all of us here at ClimateRoots!

Gone fission!

Happy Friday everyone!  We are kicking off this week's newsletter with a short questionnaire again - please take a second to fill it out so we can bring you amazing content in 2022! Next, we have our weekly headlines - while Boston divests from fossil fuels, the federal government is investing in renewables. Last but not least, we'll introduce you to an infamous energy source: Nuclear!

We wanted a clever subject line, but couldn't think of a Dam joke!

Happy Friday everyone!  We are kicking off this weeks' newsletter with a short questionnaire - as we fast approach the end of our renewable energy education series, we want to hear from you on what you want to hear from us!  Moving on to our headlines, these past two weeks we've seen some action at COP26, some crazy weather for our friends up north, and an infrastructure bill that many believe may have fallen a bit short. Lastly, we'll round up the issue with more info on hydroelectricity and it's controversial upbringing. Enjoy!

COP26 conference so bad it hertz

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome back to another edition of the ClimateRoots newsletter. In today's issue, you'll be hearing from our featured writer, Alessandro Mauceri on his ongoing PhD research into the paleoclimate of South America. Next, be sure to read all our headlines this issue as these past weeks have been a doozy!  Wrapping up the issue this week is an introduction to yet another form of renewable energy: Hydroelectricity!

COP26 aiming to cop some methane reductions

Happy Friday everyone! This week we are extra excited to introduce our featured writer and newest member of the ClimateRoots team, Alex Ang! Alex will be joining us as our marketing and creative coordinator and has written a bit about her past experience in the environmental word. From there we dive into our headlines, with a focus on the upcoming COP26 meeting. Rounding out our Friday newsletter this week is the introduction of yet another renewable energy source; bioenergy! 

How much wood does a woodpecker peck if a woodpecker goes extinct?

Welcome to another Friday edition of ClimateRoots. We'll be kicking of the weekend this morning with our featured writer, Sarah Pokelwaldt! She has shared two short pieces about living in the Rocky Mountains, an area that has been uniquely impacted by climate change in recent years. Following that, we'll learn about the most recent greenwashing attempt by large corporations and some sad updates on everyone's favorite woodpecker in our weekly headlines section. Lastly, today's education piece will focus on some of the lesser known uses for geothermal power! We hope you learn a thing or two and have a great Friday!

Don't like the heat? Stay IN the Paris Climate Agreement

Happy Friday everyone! We're starting out this edition with our featured writer, Ian McGinnis, who is sharing with us part of his research on ecosystem and hydrological services in Mexico. Our headlines this week include a new pledge from the Chinese Government, but also a reason to be wary about whether big promises can be kept. We'll wrap up the issue with the first part of our Geothermal series where we'll tell you about quite a HOT topic in the renewable energy world.

Ida Damage takes Shape, while Mammals… Change Shape?

Happy Friday everyone! While we enjoyed our time off, we're happy to be back this week with another great issue of ClimateRoots. We're starting out this edition with our featured writer, Webster An, who is hoping to inspire us all to love the places we call home. Our headlines this week include a new Carbon Capture facility in Iceland, as well as an explanation for that weird subject line. We'll wrap up the issue with the last part of our Wind series where we'll touch on the growing conversation around the polarizing renewable energy source.

We're all feeling Erie after this week's IPCC report...

I bet that subject line was confusing. If you keep reading, it will make perfect sense in about 10 minutes! In today's ClimateRoots, we're starting out with bonus coverage of this weeks critical IPCC report on climate change. We're sorry if it's a bit long, but it's super important! Our featured writer this week is Diala Abboud, who writes about the changes she's witness in Lake Erie while growing up on its beaches. Our headlines this week cover pretty much everything, from fires, to ocean currents to a bipartisan senate agreement (we couldn't believe it either). We'll wrap up this week issue with some knowledge on offshore wind in our education section. Happy Friday!

Local Boston brewery to model new Hazy IPA after smoky skies.

Just kidding. That's probably not true, but I bet it would make one helluva beer if it was! In our newest edition of the ClimateRoots Newsletter, we'll hear from our very own Nick Moore as he shares some of the thoughts that helped inspire ClimateRoots while touring the country last year. In our headlines this week, the United States continues to witness the affects of the western drought while China witnesses historic rainfall. Lastly, we'll start our series on Wind Power, with the basics of another amazing source of renewable energy. Enjoy and have an amazing weekend!

In this fourth edition of the ClimateRoots Newsletter, we'll dive into battery technology in both our featured writer section and our education piece. You'll get to discover how different battery types work, why they are critical to reducing emissions and how implementing them properly makes a big difference for everybody! Lastly, as always, we've hand picked some of the news headlines we've found inciteful since our last issue to help keep you up to date on all things climate!

In the third edition of ClimateRoots Newsletter, you'll learn from this weeks featured writer about college students' willingness to eat sustainably, and a potential method on how to teach them about it. We'll then dive into the headlines of the week, including some pretty insane weather patterns, even to the point of raining oil! Rounding out this issue, we'll touch on community solar: what it is, who it impacts and why you should consider getting involved.

In our second edition of ClimateRoots Newsletter, you'll learn from this weeks featured writer about how the pandemic has affected public transit. Next, we'll dive into the headlines of the week, including some good news from Solar companies and some even better news for Oil and Gas companies. Rounding out this issue, we'll touch on how we use the Sun to produce electricity in our first education piece on solar energy.

In our first ever edition of ClimateRoots Newsletter, you'll get to read some lovely nature inspired poems from this weeks featured writer. Next we'll dive into the headlines of the week, including how some big name Oil companies have had a rocky couple of weeks and what has Western United States preparing for the worst drought season on record. Rounding out this issue, we're kicking off our Renewable Energy educational series with a look into how exactly energy is produced, and how it gets to your home.

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